Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment
Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment
How's it Work?

For their to-die-for shiny hair, Indian lovelies give themselves a weekly coconut oil scalp massage to promote growth and wash away tress stress. Treat yourself to this extraordinary Indian oil blend of Coconut, Amla, Henna, and Avocado—each vitamin-enriched oil with its own agenda for taking the guesswork out of luscious locks. Coconut Oil, with its essential fatty acids, rejuvenates tired hair, while Amla Extract (Vitamin C) and natural Henna add volume and shine. Tiny grapeseeds offer oil that protects and helps prevent free radical damage—the result is a more tamable mane. Rich in Vitamin A, Avocado oil penetrates to nourish the scalp, encourage healthy hair growth and quench dryness (a trick overseas women have relied on for years).

For shiny, thick locks women in India rub it in!

Amla that is! This “divine” fruit, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C. Just a touch of this extract on your lifeless locks brings a natural shine, soft texture and rejuvenated health. Hair stays strong with anti-oxidant rich Grape Seed and Neem oils, while Coconut oil and Henna make each strand extra luscious! It’s a miracle for your mane! And don’t forget your body – rub in any leftovers for touchable skin softness!

  • Coconut Oil (nourishes)
  • Neem Oil (soothes scalp)
  • Amla Extract (rejuvenates)
  • Henna (adds volume and shine)
  • Grape Seed Oil (protects)
  • Avocado Oil (moisturizes scalp)