I-Divine White Tea Infused Eyeshadow
I-Divine Eyecolor
I-Divine Eyeshadow Colors
  • Shambala
  • Makabari (Temporarily Out of Stock)
  • Teesta (Temporarily Out of Stock)
  • Kumaon
  • Batasia (Temporarily Out of Stock)
How's it Work?

Makeup that mends! Sweep on shades of beauty and strength with these anti-aging color shadows. Infused with white tea (one of the strongest antioxidants in the world), these powders bring firming action to the eye area, while lavishing it in glorious color. Rich pigments create a long-lasting eye shadow perfect for daytime subtlety or nighttime seduction. As white tea is the youthful tip of the green tea plant, this quintessential Chinese secret aids you in your own quest for youthful skin. The perfect blend of color, pigment and anti-oxidants for an unparalleled radiant glow.

  • Silky application glides on smooth
  • High Pigment Colors are long wearing
  • White Tea provides strong antioxidants and prevents premature aging
  • Firms eye area
  • Crease Proof